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FOR SALE OR TRADE: One of the most unique real estate opportunities in the world. A PRIVATE 20 acre island located in British Columbia, Canada. I have traveled to many parts of the world and I can honestly say that this is the most beautiful, unspoiled area that I have ever seen. The island and its quaint log cabin have been in the same family since 1947. It is located on the 60 mile long Stuart Lake which is approximately 30 miles from Fort St. James, B.C. Access is by float plane or boat which can be launched from Tachi, an Indian village located just 6 miles from the island. The cabin is located on a private beach facing west which provides a "front row seat" for astonishing northern hemisphere sunsets and breathtaking displays of the Aurora Borealis. The cabin was built in 1949 by the Carrier Indian Natives of the Stuart-Nechako Valley using reclaimed old growth timber from the island and has stood the test of time very well. It has a large front room which is divided into a kitchen and dining/sitting room. The sleeping quarters consist of a master bedroom on one side and four bunk beds on the other. A rear door leads to the detached shower room and smokehouse. Due to its unique topography, this is one of the only islands on the lake with the elevation to accommodate any changes in the lake levels without compromising the beach lines. At 150' it has the highest elevation of any island on the lake. In addition, almost a mile of continuous shoreline makes it one of the most walkable as well as a good candidate for additional development. NOTE: There are a few other island properties available but I highly advise any interested party to do considerable research prior to purchase. If there were a heavier snowfall than normal in the region the water could rise to a point that could reduce an islands acreage and create marshy conditions. With the exception of one time in 1972, when the water came into the front yard (didn't touch the cabin), this property has enjoyed the same shoreline that you see in these photo's for the past 66 years plus or minus a few feet. The lake is a fisherman's paradise with the Stuart-Nechako Valley being the epicenter. The Trembleur and Takla lakes drain into the Stuart and from the Stuart water passes into the Stuart and Fraser river systems and into the Pacific Ocean through Vancouver. The rock bottom of the lake results in incredibility clear water. The fishing can only be described as superb. It is not uncommon to catch a 10lb. rainbow or a 20lb. lake trout or even a 200lb. sturgeon on the mouth of the Stuart or Tachi rivers. (The lake record rainbow is 32lbs.) PLEASE NOTE: If you are looking for a full service residence with all of the "bells and whistles" this is NOT the property for you. No utilities have been run to the island. There are subterranean cache boxes for refrigeration and two wood stoves for heat. Lighting can be supplied by either propane or battery power. A small generator would also work well if electricity is desired. The bottom line is this island is quite simply, a slice of heaven. It can be enjoyed as is or developed residential or commercial with no zoning restrictions. The asking price is $325,000.00. If you go to privateislandsonline.com you will find that this property is priced WELL BELOW others on the market, many of which are much smaller! I would consider trades for automobiles, aircraft, boats or real estate. SEE BELOW TO VIEW ADDITIONAL PHOTO'S.