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I'M LOOKING TO LIQUIDATE AS A PACKAGE, A HUGE SELECTION of guitars, amplifiers, sound equipment, drums etc. Some of the vintage guitars have NEVER been played! Guitars: Fender Stratocaster 1989, Stevie Ray Vaughn edition, sunburst, gold trim, new. Gibson Les Paul, 1984, Custom shop edition, black, gold and ivory trim (this custom edition is handmade in a separate facility in Nashville and takes 4 to 6 weeks to construct a single guitar. This is production # 91 that was finished on 11/27/84). Gibson Flying V, Jimi Hendrix edition (142 of 400), black, gold trim, new. Gibson Firebird, sunburst, new. Jackson Flying V, 1992, Randy Rhodes edition (only 200 produced), white with gold trim, Floyd Rose tremlo, new. Ibanez Steve Vi edition, white pearl, gold trim, signed by Steve Vi, new. Fender Stratocaster, 1987, white with red pick guard, Kahler temlo, new. Yamaha TRB-6, six string bass, 1992, blue/green, new. Yamaha Attitude Series bass, 1991, signed by Billy Sheehan, blue, new. Pevey bass "Sarze", very lightly used. Pevey "Hydra" double neck (six & twelve string) red, new. Kramer Focus 3000, Floyd Rose tremlo, candy red, new. Ovation twelve string acoustic/electric, 1991, black, new. Ovation six string acoustic/electric, 1991, black, new. Ovation acoustic, model 1112, blonde and black, used. Epiphone 12 string acoustic, used, Hohner 6 string acoustic, used, Alvarez 6 string acoustical, new, Roland D-20 keyboard, used, plus numerous foot control boxes most of which are new.

Fender Stratocaster (Stevie Ray Vaughn Edition)

Gibson Les Paul (Custom Shop Edition)

Gibson Flying V (Jimi Hendrix Edition)

Ibanez (Steve Vi Edition)

Jackson V shape (Randy Rhodes Edition)

Fender Stratocaster

Gibson Firebird

Kramer Focus 3000

Yamaha Attitude Stereo bass

Yamaha TRB-6P Six String Bass

Pevey Hydra Double Neck (6 & 12 string)

Ovation Electric (6 string)

Ovation Electric (12 string)

Ovation Acoustical (6 string)

Certificate of Authenticity for the 30th Anniversary Marshall amps signed by Jim Marshall